Meditation Mondays

Lyla Clare Supports Black Dog Institute


Every one deserves peace of mind, join us in the LylaClare salon (aka 'treehouse') to help you unwind and for some self-care time. Fortnightly during summer, we are offering meditation classes to all of our clients, friends, friends of friends, followers, passers-by, and anyone that feels they need a little bit of down time to reconnect with themselves. Beginners are welcome, bring a light blanket for comfort while Stacey from Evoke Healing allows you to drop into a calm space and gently guide you through your meditation.

Half of the proceeds made on the night go to Black Dog Institute for mental health research so not only will you be giving yourself a great start to the week but you will also be helping us make a difference to 'give depression the finger' for Black Dog Institute.

Remember to be supportive and ask "Are you ok?"

If you or someone you know is suffering extreme distress and needs urgent assistance call 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.



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