Release . Create . Strengthen

During the process of creating the Lyla Clare treehouse the salon Director Kell Priest turned to me and said she wanted to be able to put into words the essence of what we do at Lyla Clare. As you could imagine I immediately responded AMAZING INSPIRATIONAL HAIR....! Which is the truth but in a lot of cases it is also so much more than that. To most of our treehouse guests it is everything to do with dropping into a safe, relaxing and comforting space like a big warm hug to the soul.

Now this is where we came to the realization while sipping our cup of tea, that we want to allow our guests to RELEASE the stress of everyday life in this space, whether they find that release through the sensational massage we offer (am I right?) or whether its purely connecting and reaching out to your stylist.

Our stylists can then get to work to CREATE something truly expressive for your own personal taste. We strive to empower our guests to embrace their amazing qualities to STRENGTHEN their connection with themselves while visiting the treehouse.

Never underestimate how powerful a positive connection with your stylist can be especially when you are in need of some serious 'me time' to unwind and relax. So in our attempt to put into words a guests experience with the LC team we definitely came to the conclusion that a trip to the salon shouldn't feel like a chore but a chance to enjoy a personal experience, like visiting an old friend for some great chat and a cup of tea! 






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