James Street Hairdresser, The Valley

Release, Create & Strengthen


We’re all about you.

Lyla Clare Director, heart and soul, Kell Priest, has been bringing the love to the Fortitude Valley area since 2015. With the help of her talented team, Lyla Clare are on the forefront of innovative, sustainable and organic hair care that comes straight from the heart.

The Lyla Clare experience.

Walking into Lyla Clare is a true inner city escape, not just for your hair, but for your mind. Your experience will begin with a ritual to calm, relax and ground you before your hair journey begins.

Together, we’ll decide how best to achieve your hair goals and work towards this using our range of organic, sustainable and environmentally conscious salon quality products. All of this, with the very best team to love and nurture your locks throughout the journey.


Product Love

We treat hair with love and care during each and every one of our services, using only the very best salon quality products and brands to keep your locks healthy, happy and looking beautiful.

We are proud to be an organic, environmentally and sustainable focused salon, meaning there are no nasties to breath in through the air or in your hair. Nothing but love.


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We would love for you to share your hair journey with us, and we will keep you up to date on the latest Lyla Clare adventures!